LATOVIRTUALE (meaning The Virtual Side) , is the successful outcome got by Saverio Beccaria after many years of training and research on 3d graphic and photorealistic rendering.

Born to bridge the gap between imagination and realization, Lato Virtuale can now service those who wish to preview a project well before its realization. 

Cut down on time and costs by seeing your virtual creation image in advance and think of all the possible adjustments.

Every object around us, from a building to an household appliance, represents the upshot of a process which entails an idea, a design and its final creation. Obtaining a virtual image involves the elaboration of a 3d model of the project to which materials, natural and artificial lights and details are added. Later, to render best the 3d project, the best frames are chosen. 

LATOVIRTUALE carries out carefully and professionally all the stages mentioned above according to customers' needs and wishes throughout the whole elaboration process.